Round Top Vanishing Birdcage

A while ago I was chatting with Marc DeSouza about vanishing cages and he mentioned the round top cages were really cool. I had wanted one before Marc had mentioned it, that he made me want one more. Whenever a John Martin Round Top Vanishing Birdcage pops up for sale at an auction, they usually sell for just over the maximum that I can spend on it.

A couple weeks ago a round top vanishing cage was on the Potter and Potter summer magic auction and it went for a price that I could actually afford!

round top vanishing birdcage

It’s super cool how stays rigid and then collapses! Also it fits perfectly on my vintage vanishing alarm clock stand that was missing the alarm clock!

I’m excited to have added this to my vanishing birdcage collection!!


Test it !

One of my favorite creation is my take up reel. It’s something that I’ve wanted to use forever and went out and created a way to make it happen. Normally when I put out magic props, I put out what I use. When developing this, I got it to work great for me and thought I had a final product. I then sent it out to some people and they didn’t use it like I did. That led to me improving it and ended up with a better final product!

It’s always great when I get emails from people who have one:

“Louie’s Take-Up Pull is incredible. If you want to perform the Vanishing Birdcage in the “real world” you need one of these, but you can do much more with it. I have several Take-Up Pulls made by Hammerton and Martin but this high quality modern recreation is every bit as good and at a fraction of the price of any of the others. I highly recommend Louie Foxx’s Take-Up Pull!”

Marc DeSouza

Getting emails like this makes all the work in testing it worth it!