Protecting Your Art

When I was making the sizzle reel for the Incredible Idiom show, I was was realizing that this is a show that I would like to do for a long time. I’m a fan of this show, it was something that I created to create and when I was writing it, I never thought I was going to do it. For me this was “art” and not creating something to make money.

Years ago I did an anti bully school assembly and it was created to make money that’s it. I hated doing the show. My heart wasn’t in it, but it did make a lot of money! I stopped doing it when I realized that I got no joy of performing the show.

The Incredible Idioms is different and I really enjoy the concept of the show. I decided I should protect my idea, so the first step I did was file the federal trademark for the show’s title.

magic show trademark

I honestly don’t know why more magicians don’t trademark the titles of their shows when they have a cool one. It cost $250 to file and I did the paper work in about 10 minutes. Now I have to wait about a year for it to get processed, but it’s worth it to me to protect my idea!


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