Magic at Junk Shops…

One of the things that I do when I have long travel days by car is go for walks to break up the driving. Sometimes I’ll walk through antique malls to get my steps in, and look for things that I can use.

On a recent trip I had a couple of nice finds. I found a deck of old stock Bicycle 8082 Jumbo Cards for $15!

bicycle 8082 jumbo playing cards

Then in a different state on the same trip I found two decks of sealed old stock Cincinnati made Bicycle 808 Rider Back cards for $3.80 a deck!

Old stock bicycle playing cards

Then there’s some other magic stuff I didn’t buy, like a signed Marshall Brodien magic kit and an incomplete vintage magic kit

For me walking through junk shops is a great way to stretch my legs and sometimes you find some gems!

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