Level Up Your Show…

In a couple days the KAX virtual conference starts, and I’m one of the presenters. This conference is for family entertainers and it’s a lot of fun!

The presentation I’m giving is called Level Up and will teach you how to work on your show. I have Six R’s that I use to work on my show. Each R is a word that’s a task that you can do to improve your show.

In the presentation I also interview other performers about how they work on their shows. There’s a lot of fun insight about how to improve in this presentation.

I’m really excited about this presentation as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m also going to be doing it live in Salem, OR for a group of performers the following week.

It’s not too late to register: https://www.kidabra.org/virtual-kax-2022

Virtual KAX 2022

I’m excited to be a presenter at the 2022 KAX conference! KAX is for family performers and is geared towards all sorts of variety acts: magic, juggling, puppetry, storytelling, etc

This will be my second year as a speaker at KAX. Last year I did a talk about shadowgraphy. This year I’m going to be doing a talk that I’ve wanted to do for the fair industry, and that’s on how to improve your show.

The talk will cover how to watch your show, how to write notes for your show, and how to implement those notes. I honestly don’t think a lot of people know how to actively work on their show. It’s work, and it’s not fun work, but the payoff is huge and can yield results very quickly!

I was looking at the schedule and there’s a ton of great speakers! You can get more info and register at: https://www.kidabra.org


Hand Shadow Puppets!

Today I’m doing a workshop on Shadowgraphy for the KAX convention. Here’s my act condensed down to 10 seconds:

If shadowgraphy is something you’re thinking of learning, you can get the special cap I use on my flashlight along with a video of the workshop from KAX for $20. You can order them here:


KAX this week

The KAX virtual convention starts tonight, and it’s not too late to register. They’ve got some great presenters and performers. On Friday I’ll be teaching a workshop on Shadowgraphy, swing by!

KAX is a conference for family performers of all sorts. Even if you’re not a family performer, you should check it out. There’s always things you can learn from other performers.

Try Something New…

A couple of weeks ago I attended KIDabra’s online convention and it was a ton of fun. One of their events a late night balloon jam. I’ve never been to any balloon jam, but then I don’t do balloons. I stopped doing them a long time ago, and when I did it was one balloon animals.

It was a lot of fun to see what balloon people are doing. It’s light years ahead of what they were doing when I decided I wasn’t going to do balloons anymore.

It was very interesting to hear them talk about the business and its challenges. It was good to get out of my comfort zone (magic) and do something I was unfamiliar with. I’d recommend trying new things, I’m not going to start doing balloons, but it was fun.

Magic Conventions…

One of the silver linings to the entertainment industry being closed due to COVID is that I can go to different magic conventions. I’ve always been curious about KIDabra, which is for family entertainers. This year they are having a virtual convention, and I’m lecturing at it!

I’ve got some fun stuff to share with the group, including the full version of my Spoon Stunt which has never been taught before!

Louie Foxx KIDabra 2020 from Mark Daniel on Vimeo.

The line up looks great, if you’re a family performer, you should check it out!