Keepin’ It Real…

Somehow I stumbled up a Hallmark movie that had some magic in it. It’s called the Christmas House. Magic is a big plot line in the movie, and there’s magic sprinkled throughout the movie.

Turns out the magic consultant was a someone I knew. Jason Verners did a great job with the magic tricks being actual magic tricks…or at least magic tricks that are possible. Soo many shows or movie simply make it up, and that’s fine, but I think it’s way more realistic when the tricks have some basis in reality.

Finished Display

The holder I was printing out the other day is finished and works great! I designed this to display to hold an envelope, or jumbo card upright so that it’s more visible than laying flat on a table. I also put a magnet inside of it so that I can simply stick it to the front of my small case.

Here’s the finished holder:

Here it is holding a giant card:

It holds it very securely, the card won’t fall out under normal circumstances.

It also hit me that I could put a magnet behind my virtual backdrop and use it there.

If I end up using it for virtual shows, I’ll need to print out another one to keep with that show’s props. I really dislike moving props around from case to case. That’s a easy way to forget or lose things.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Dan Shih

Moisture Festival Board Member, Dan Shih, joins Matt and Louie in studio. They talk about what it’s like to serve on the board of directors for the Moisture Festival, what meetings look like and why volunteering is so important in your community. Louie reflects on the time Dan’s daughter scolded him for not recycling and Dan describes how much his kids love attending Moisture Festival Shows.

The moisture festival podcast

A great interview with a great glimpse into one of the people who helps make the festival happen.