Will Goldston Magic Books

I’m going though stuff that I have and on my shelf I have a really cool set of Will Goldston Magic Books. These are the Locked Book Series where the first three originally came with a leather binding with a lock on it. Unfortunately most of the copies that have their original bindings are in rough condition and usually the lock is unattached.

Will Goldston locked book series

The set I have are numbered first editions and have been rebound and it’s previous owner was John Pomeroy who owned GEM Magic.

I mentioned the previous owner to David Charvet and he said he thinks that Pomeroy put the new covers on them himself!

This is a cool set of books and they’re available as reprints that you can find on Amazon. They’re worth looking into!

– Louie

Will Goldston Magic Books…

It’s been an exciting couple of days for books! A couple of weeks ago I won a stack of Will Goldston books from an auction house in Florida.

Will goldston magic books

Will’s books are interesting as I’m not sure who they are written for. The descriptions of how things work are very brief almost like they’re written for a general non magician audience, however the tricks aren’t things that an amateur magician could really make without a well equipped wood and metal workshop. Also without knowledge of the props and magic in general, you really couldn’t make them based on the descriptions in the books.

I did find a little surprise inside one of the books:

The Sensational Tales of Mystery Men is signed by Peter Kane! Peter is essentially the person that created Wild Card and the card trick The Elongated Lady. I’ve got a couple emails out to some people who may know if that signature belongs to that Peter Kane or a different person with the same name.

I love finding little surprises in old books!


Historical Vanishing Birdcage Videos…

I was digging around on the British Pathe website and realized I’ve never searched it for the Vanishing Birdcage. I came up with a few videos of it. Here’s Howard De Courcy doing the cage:

And here’s Will Goldston doing it:

Both Will and Howard are using the older style rectangle cages. These are the ones that have the “spoon” sleeve guard. They both use the same vanish motions, and I wonder if the reason for that is because that’s how you had to do it to make the vanish look clean with that older style cage?

Here’s an unknown magician doing the cage:

That’s with an Abbott’s cage and you’ll notice the vanishing motion is different than the first two videos. I may have to hook up one of my older style cages and give it a try…