The Moisture Festival Podcast – Just Felice

In this episode of the Moisture Festival Podcast we triangulate locations over zoom and welcome in Just Felice. We learn about how she got started in magic, how she wrote her thesis on street performing and how that inspired her to start doing street shows herself.

We also learn about how she uses her comedy to turn stereotypes on it’s head and what inspired her to take that approach. She also teaches us what an Ethnographer is and how to pronounce it. A great conversation with a great mind in the performing world. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – A day at the festival

Today the Moisture Festival Podcast takes you behind the curtain of the 2022 festival! Matt and Louie take you through a day as an artist at the festival and we chat with the volunteers that make the festival happen!!

The moisture festival

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Nox Falls

In this episode we welcome Nox Falls to Hales Ales. Nox discusses growing up in Texas and how burlesque was a way to combat shyness.

We learn about where some of the ideas for Nox’s routines come from and which ones get selected for shows. Nox also spits some spoken word poetry (which is a first on the podcast.) A really great conversation with a fantastic human being. You are going to love because we did. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Lily Verlaine

Today’s guest is the fantastic burlesque artist Lily Verlaine. We discuss her career arc which started as a child performing in a cabbage patch commercial and now has her touring around the world performing for delighted audiences.

We Learn about what goes into developing a burlesque act, all the people that can be involved, and a great conversation with one of the world’s best burlesque dancers

Here’s the Cabbage Patch Kids commercial!

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Part 2 Tom Noddy

This episode is part 2 of our two part conversation with the maestro of bubbles Tom Noddy. If you have not heard the first part, go back and check out the beginning of our conversation.

tom noddy

In part #2 we pick up right where we left off with some amazing stories from Tom’s 50 plus years of performing. If you love vaudeville, you are going to love one of the people who is responsible for keeping it alive. A great conversation with a truly amazing performer!

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Robert Strong

The Moisture Festival releases its last interview from the Berkley sessions and we are pleased to welcome in Robert Strong. Robert is a magician, comedian, idea guy and doer of awesome things.

We learn about how he found out that he is related to Harry Houdini, his encounters with Robin Williams and cold calling famous comedians for a show he produced. Robert discusses performances at TED making the creator of Siri appear and how he has parlayed his magic skills into a career that has lasted over three decades. A great glimpse into the mind of one of the most creative and hardest working people in show business. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Swami Beyondanada

On this episode of the Moisture Festival Podcast we continue our interviews from Berkeley California and welcome in Swami Beyondananda and Trudy.

The Swami tells us about starting an alternative high school, being a ghostwriter for dental books and how all of that led him to performing his Swami character across the United States. We hear some horror stories from the road and discuss the state of comedy in the world today. An enlightening interview that you are going to love.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Dan Holzman

The Moisture Festival Podcast continues their residency in Berkeley California where they are joined by the hilarious Dan Holzman. You may know Dan as one half of the juggling team the Raspyni Brothers and we discuss his performing career that has spanned over three decades.

comedy juggler dan holzman

We hear about his time performing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, opening for Robin Williams and his weird interaction with Ronald Reagan. We learn about his successes and failures as a skill toy inventor, the books he has written and how he keeps focused on so many different projects. We were super excited to talk to Dan and we know you will enjoy it as much as we did. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – The Luminous Pariah

In this episode the multifaceted performer, Luminous Pariah, joins us in the studio. Lumi explains the art of Burlesque and how stories and comedy play an integral role in Burlesque. We learn about the transition Lumi made from a whale watching tour guide in Alaska to a world renowned burlesque entertainer.

The Luminous Pariah

Lumi also talks about getting involved in the Moisture Festival and how that led to being one of the producers for the Moisture Festival’s Burlesque Week. A great interview with a lot of laughs, great insights and a nice dose of awesomeness.