Even More Table Work…

I feel like I’ve put a lot of work into the table I’m using for virtual shows. I think it’s really made a difference in the flow of the show. It’s soo much more efficient use of space than how I was previously doing it.

Here’s one view of the shelf:

And here’s the shelf rotated 180 degrees:

The nice thing with having holders is that I can look down and immediately know if something isn’t there as it’s holder will be empty. There are two wild cards as far as set up goes, the rest of the props can stay set up all the time. Those are the Gypsy Yarn and the silk in apple/peach. Both of those routines I set up on the day of the show.

You’ll also notice some redundancies, like each trick that uses a pen has it’s own pen. This is because I don’t want to be searching around for a pen, and it makes sure I have a back up pen if one dries out.

A Sturdy Base…

When the COVID pandemic hit, a buddy and I built a studio in his garage. Unfortunately he just bought a house in another state and is moving, so I’m working on my at home studio. Part of that is customizing props, one of the things that I’m working on is a table. For virtual shows I like a high table, something that’s just below armpit level. That makes it easier to frame my face.

The table I’m currently using has a pretty small table top. The base it’s on is pretty slim, which means I can’t put a very bit table top on it without it getting wobbly. In my shed I have some old speaker stands that are very heavy duty compared to a typical magic table’s base. These will allow me to move the table up high and still be sturdy.

I designed and printed out a flange:

It pressure fits onto the speaker stand.

It’s attached to the table top by eight screws.

It’s very sturdy! I was amazed, there’s no wobbly in the table. I may try to put a larger tabletop onto a speaker stand to give myself some more performing space!

Shell Sequence…

Yesterday I wrote a post about what playing with gimmicked shells, pea and table for the three shell game. Here’s a simple sequence I put together with them to highlight what you can do with the combination:

My end goal is going to be having “zones” on my table that make the balls appear under that specific shell. I think will have some interesting possibilities…