Coin Transposition Routine

I’m still tweaking my routine with the Craig Petty’s Apparition Coin set. I was trying to eliminate the phases that use the coin purse. I ended up with a three phase routine, however it lacked the punch of the four phase routine that had the coin purse. Once I put the coin purse back in, it immediately was getting better reactions.

Here’s what the routine looks like:

I think the first phase is like a “flash opener” to a stage act. It’s a great visual moment, and sets people up for the transpositions that they are about to see. I’m glad I tested it both ways and have found the best way to do the routine!


Fresno Magic Club

I still believe in magic clubs and that they are a great way to learn magic and build community. Last night I brought some of the performers (Bri Crabtree, Dennis Forel and Mickey O’Conner) from the fair to the Fresno Magic Club.

Dennis Forel did some amazing stunts with a balloons, which is always my favorite!

fresno magic club

And Micky O’Conner did a great bit with a jumbo coin

frenso magic club

And we saw some great magic from the club members as well

frenso magic club

I highly recommend looking up magic clubs when you travel! It’s also always nice to see what tricks and styles are popular in different areas.