Working on the Half Circle Show

One of my goals this summer is to work on my half circle show. This a street performing style show where it’s more parlor or stage than it is close up magic. Last week was the first week I took out the current version of the show and it had some wins and some losses.

The things that I need to work on:

  • I need to lay out a larger perimeter. I’m putting my rope line too close to my performing area, leaving me with a very tight half circle.
  • I need to get out from behind the table. This is partially a symptom of laying out my perimeter too tight.
  • I need to do the three trick set that I had planned and do it as planned.

A few other mistakes that I made.

  • I tried a routine from a different show that’s a comedy escape, but there’s a blow off at the end where I don’t get out. It’s funny if you see the whole routine, but if you only catch the last 30 seconds, you don’t get it and it looks like I messed up.
  • I need to take my PA out of my cart. It doesn’t sound right with it in the cart. I blame laziness on my end for that.
  • If I continue to use music, I need to plan it out better than using my existing stage show music.

Ok, so things that I did right:

  • I tried to improve every day.
  • I did things outside of my comfort zone

Well, those are my general reflections on the week. Hopefully the show will continue to improve the more I do it an the more I start to figure it out!


Walnuts to Glass Magic Routine: UPDATE

I’ve been working on a walnut to glass routine for a little while and there’s one challenge I keep hitting: Why walnuts?

Using balls with cups and balls makes sense as it looks like the shell game which people are aware of. Even though it’s cups and balls and the shell game visually are very different to people who do them, to the general public who have never seen them in real life, it’s appears to be the same.

The challenge with using nuts is basically I’m fighting the whole routine being a testicle joke. I can’t call them “nuts” in the routine, they have to be walnuts. However every time I handle them, I think I’m going to be fighting people in the audience making their own jokes. I really just don’t want that.

I’m switching over to using my Cee Lo dice and cup routine and doing the hat load of the giant metal nut. I’m also using a devils hank for a vanish of all three dice instead of doing a two in the one in the pocket sequence. The bits I have planned for the devil’s hank before the vanish will hopefully help the routine play larger!

I’m hitting the road in a few days and I’ll know if it plays or not soon!