William’s Magic in Tuscon

Last week I was performing about 45 minutes from Tuscon, AZ in a small town. I saw there was a magic shop in Tuscon, so I made the drive up to William’s Magic. I had heard of Williams Magic in the past, they had a mobile magic shop that travelled the country and went to magic conventions and clubs.

Williams magic shop in tuscon

I had a blast chatting with Emory and while it’s mostly a pitch shop, he had a few things that I needed (like a double face deck).

Williams magic shop in tuscon

The district that the shop was in allowed walking beers, so it was a rare occasion that I got to have a local beer in a local magic shop!

Williams magic shop in tuscon

I always try to be good about supporting magic shops when I travel. If you don’t support them, you can’t complain when they close!

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