Hockey Magic

hockey magic

The other night my wife and I went to a hockey game and it got me thinking about magic with a hockey puck. The nice thing about them is that they can be big, or fairly small depending on the side you have towards the audience. It’s also a really well known thing, at least in the northern hemisphere.

This morning I wrote a bunch of ideas and found one that I kinda like:

You have five different colored hockey pucks on the table. You ask if someone in the audience played hockey or a sport as a kid. Ask them if they remember their number and using that number you count across the pucks back and forth finally ending on one. Let’s say they ended on the green puck.

You then have a prediction that shows they picked the green puck…but then on the back of your puck has their number on the back!

This is simply Phil Smith’s Quinta Force and a nail writer.

Not much to it. It’s a pretty simple and direct trick. You could use any force like PATEO or the Hot Rod Force, but I personally like that with Quinta you can use their jersey number.


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