KAX specials

These are the special deals for the 2022 KAX conference! To get the KAX pricing you must order off of this page.
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*This sale ends on 2/14/2022 so order now!

All prices include shipping in the USA.
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Take Out Production Box $25

You unfold a chinese take out box to show it empty. You refold it and produce noodle or whatever you want from inside!

You get a gimmicked take out box, five regular boxes, and video instructions.

Take Out Production Box $25


Whiplash SOLD OUT

*Only four ONE available at this price. Once it’s sold I will delete this.

This is Louie Foxx’s routine for the six card and bill repeat with a kicker ending where all of the dollar bills turn into playing cards.

You get the original Whiplash DVD, printed instruction for the Online Repeat routine as well as all of the gimmicks. You just need to provide seven regular dollar bills.

Whiplash SOLD OUT


Evaporation – A Totally New Way To Vanish Liquid $35 $25

Several years ago I created Evaporation out of a need to make some liquid disappear. Evaporation’s unique gimmick has been tweaked over the course of hundreds of shows, each gimmicked bottle is handmade by Louie Foxx in the USA and I believe it’s the best method for vanishing liquid!

Click here for more information about Evaporation

Evaporation $35 $25


How To Perform For Seniors (book) $35 $25

How to Perform for seniors book

* IN STOCK copies have sold out. If your order one now, it will ship approx 2/24/22

Learn the secrets to booking your show at retirement facilities and senior centers. This market is starved for entertainment and this book teaches you who and how to contact to schedule shows. If you’re a magician, juggler, clown or variety performer this untapped market can add tons of shows to your schedule!

Click here for more info on the How to Perform For Seniors book.

How to Perform For Seniors $35 $25


Take Up Reel SOLD

*Only one available at this price. Once it’s sold I will delete this.

The Take Up Reel is a reel that has one function, to shorten a length of string on a “wrist to wrist” pull. This allows you to use the pull easily at any point of your act. It also eliminates the cramped posture you have when using a traditional wrist to wrist pull.
Click here for more information about the Take Up Reel!

Take Up Reel – sold