Silk Thru Coat Hanger…

After much experimentation, I’ve landed on using the Tango Ultimate Reel (T.U.R.) for the Silk Thru Coat Hanger trick. I’ve played with most of the major reels and ended up on this Tango reel. There are some things I don’t like about it, but so far it’s the most reliable. The T.U.R. has the smoothest … Continue reading “Silk Thru Coat Hanger…”

More Silk and Coat Hanger

The main reason I’m playing with the silk and coat hanger trick is that I had an idea for a move. I think this is an interesting move, but it’s also fairly subtle. Here’s just a quick video of me running some moves with the props: The first move where the silk goes from the … Continue reading “More Silk and Coat Hanger”

More Vallarino Book Stuff

I’m still working through the JP Vallarino book. It’s all card magic, which I’m fine with. The book for me had an early hit with his Hypnotic Rumba Count, which I really liked, but then the next few things were pretty redundant and just variations on things. For example his take on the Elmsley Count … Continue reading “More Vallarino Book Stuff”

Setting Up The Show Quickly

Out here on this tour, sometimes the travel time between shows is very tight and I don’t have very much time to set or strike the show. I provide everything except electricity. Knowing that some shows I may not have much time to set, need to pack out quickly, or both, I have two set … Continue reading “Setting Up The Show Quickly”

Returning to the Magic Garage

While I was performing last week in King City, CA, I drove a couple of hours to the Magic Garage and had a blast! One of the highlights for me was chatting reels with Will Chandler! I showed him my silk thru coat hanger routine and he showed me the silk thru ring routine he … Continue reading “Returning to the Magic Garage”

Do Not Disturb…

For several years I’ve been working on a Silk Thru Coat Hanger trick. You can read posts about it here It’s three phases, the silk goes thru the hanger, then two hangers are put on the silk and one that’s selected goes thru the silk, and finally the silk goes from the triangle of the … Continue reading “Do Not Disturb…”

Lip Reading…

Yesterday I did my second day of senior shows and it was a lot of fun. I think I may finally be figuring out how to make my coat hanger thru silk routine work. I just need to let the effect marinade and sit with the audience even longer. The trick is a very strong … Continue reading “Lip Reading…”

Magic Lectures on the Road…

Right now I’m performing in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, and about 20 minutes away is Spokane, Washington. Spokane has a magic club and I know most of the people there. I swung by an did a mini lecture with Adam The Great and Cecil Lewis. We talked about working the fair circuit and taught some tricks. … Continue reading “Magic Lectures on the Road…”